Who is the magician brand archetype?

The Magician archetype possess a unique ability to perceive possibilities beyond the ordinary. Your gift lies not only in seeing these visions but also in bringing them to life for others, leading others on transformative journeys towards realizing their dreams.

You are a true visionary and you see things that others can’t. Your gift is not only being able to see these things, but you are able to reveal them to others. Taking clients and customers on an amazing journey with you. And because of these, you help them make their dreams a reality.

Your mind is fascinating, and draws people in. They want to be a part of your vision, and for you to help them find the way to make their dreams come to light.

You are a catalyst for change in yourself and others. You see patterns that others might miss. Your belief and your insights keep you focused on the future, and your powers of influence allow you to turn the heads of anyone who might doubt you.

Your goal is to transform lives. And you know you can find the way to do it – even if it does involve a little bit of magic!

Brand strategy of the magician archetype

Helping people to overcome their mindset issues, show people what’s possible, what their potential can be. Always be looking to the future, share what’s coming up, what’s new, transformational ideas and strategies. Focus on their energy and help them to tune into their intuition. Help them to realise their dreams.

Learn more about your secondary brand archetypes

Hopefully you remembered to take a screenshot of your results! If you did you can learn more about your secondary archetypes.

Friendly, Bold, Creative, Confident, Enthusiastic, Entertainer, Original, Social, Extrovert, Fun, Playful

Love, Intimacy, Warmth, Committed, Magnetic, Idealistic, Sensual, Passionate, Gratitude, Beauty

Optimistic, Kind, Pure, A Dreamer, Happy, Humble, Kind, Gentle, Naive innocence

Dependable, Generous, Peaceful, Committed, Protector, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Empathetic, Accepting

Teacher, Expert, Thinker, Wise, Knowledge, Truth, Guide, Mentor, Student, Authoritative

Ambitious, Influential, Successful, Leader, Authoritative, Powerful, Strong, Direct, Strong, In charge

Growth, Freedom, Individual, Adventure, Daring, Pioneer, Exciting, Wanderer, Independence

Inspiring, Creative, Authentic, Vibrant, Expressive, Visionary, Passion, Pioneer, Unique, Imaginative

Visionary, Innovative, Transformative, Knowledgeable, Intuitive, Innovator, Charismatic

Friendly, Down to Earth, Humble, Loyal, Honest, Respect, Fair, Belonging, Easy going, Relaxed, Likeable

Courageous, Determined, Strong, Warrior, Proud, Rescuer, Focused, Competitive, Powerful

Bold, Individual, Revolutionary, Changemaker, Independent, Shocking, Disruptive, Challenging

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