Who is the Entertainer brand archetype?

The Entertainer archetype represents humour, spontaneity, and playfulness. You use wit and entertainment to engage your audience and create memorable experiences.

You just love living life in the moment, truly enjoying it. The best thing about having the Entertainer as your brand archetype, is that you are always able to make other people around you laugh.

Your confidence and enthusiasm light up the room, and sparks creativity and ideas from those around you.

You have a natural sense of humour, that can sometimes cross boundaries. But that just makes you more memorable. You have a quick mind, that isn’t restrained and you may use your humour to shock as well as make people laugh. You are not afraid to be a little controversial and stand out in a crowd.

You find that you get bored easily, which is why you veer towards the unusual, weird, and playful. You might be a bit unconventional, but your enthusiasm and energy balance it out. You love helping others to not take themselves too seriously and showing them that their journey is an opportunity for growth that they should embrace. One chuckle at a time.

Brand strategy of the entertainer archetype

Make jokes, share memes, spread laughter with your marketing. Find the humour in every situation. Don’t be afraid to fully show your personality, be daring, witty and outrageous. Bring energy to your marketing, and don’t try to conform. Be irreverent, loud, wacky and fun. You are most going to appeal to people who like to be shocked, see the funny side of life and love your confidence.

Learn more about your secondary brand archetypes

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Friendly, Bold, Creative, Confident, Enthusiastic, Entertainer, Original, Social, Extrovert, Fun, Playful

Love, Intimacy, Warmth, Committed, Magnetic, Idealistic, Sensual, Passionate, Gratitude, Beauty

Optimistic, Kind, Pure, A Dreamer, Happy, Humble, Kind, Gentle, Naive innocence

Dependable, Generous, Peaceful, Committed, Protector, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Empathetic, Accepting

Teacher, Expert, Thinker, Wise, Knowledge, Truth, Guide, Mentor, Student, Authoritative

Ambitious, Influential, Successful, Leader, Authoritative, Powerful, Strong, Direct, Strong, In charge

Growth, Freedom, Individual, Adventure, Daring, Pioneer, Exciting, Wanderer, Independence

Inspiring, Creative, Authentic, Vibrant, Expressive, Visionary, Passion, Pioneer, Unique, Imaginative

Visionary, Innovative, Transformative, Knowledgeable, Intuitive, Innovator, Charismatic

Friendly, Down to Earth, Humble, Loyal, Honest, Respect, Fair, Belonging, Easy going, Relaxed, Likeable

Courageous, Determined, Strong, Warrior, Proud, Rescuer, Focused, Competitive, Powerful

Bold, Individual, Revolutionary, Changemaker, Independent, Shocking, Disruptive, Challenging

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