Who is the leader brand archetype?

The Leader archetype represents authority, control, and leadership, serving as a guiding force for those seeking stability and security in uncertain times. You harness your power and confidence as a Leader to shape the world around you.

You are on a mission to use your power and confidence to change the world. As a Leader, you are driven to succeed and you use your skills and refined nature to influence and manage those around you.

You have a sophisticated and ambitious work ethic and are a natural role model. These traits inspire clients and others around in your inner circle and gives them the aspiration to be like you.

When it comes to work, and your personal life, you value excellence and you are known to be a high achiever and a bit of a perfectionist. As such, you are looked upon as an example by those around you – whether you realise it or not. The confidence you exude is only shaken when you see your authority being challenged.

You are direct, authoritative and strategic in how you approach things.

You strive for results and see challenges as obstacles you can overcome with your influence and authority. Your goal is to help others have the same success as you.

Brand strategy of the leader archetype

You focus on getting results and share your advice and strategies from a place of confidence and expertise. People are naturally drawn to your ability to provide clear direction. You absolutely believe in yourself and your strategies and encourage others to follow you.

Learn more about your secondary brand archetypes

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Friendly, Bold, Creative, Confident, Enthusiastic, Entertainer, Original, Social, Extrovert, Fun, Playful

Love, Intimacy, Warmth, Committed, Magnetic, Idealistic, Sensual, Passionate, Gratitude, Beauty

Optimistic, Kind, Pure, A Dreamer, Happy, Humble, Kind, Gentle, Naive innocence

Dependable, Generous, Peaceful, Committed, Protector, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Empathetic, Accepting

Teacher, Expert, Thinker, Wise, Knowledge, Truth, Guide, Mentor, Student, Authoritative

Ambitious, Influential, Successful, Leader, Authoritative, Powerful, Strong, Direct, Strong, In charge

Growth, Freedom, Individual, Adventure, Daring, Pioneer, Exciting, Wanderer, Independence

Inspiring, Creative, Authentic, Vibrant, Expressive, Visionary, Passion, Pioneer, Unique, Imaginative

Visionary, Innovative, Transformative, Knowledgeable, Intuitive, Innovator, Charismatic

Friendly, Down to Earth, Humble, Loyal, Honest, Respect, Fair, Belonging, Easy going, Relaxed, Likeable

Courageous, Determined, Strong, Warrior, Proud, Rescuer, Focused, Competitive, Powerful

Bold, Individual, Revolutionary, Changemaker, Independent, Shocking, Disruptive, Challenging

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